1. Top Gear CGT Review Jeremy digs the CGT! Lap with The Stig. 11 MB/62 MB, 8 mins. Lo-Res OR Hi-Res
  2. Top Gear Supercars Old vs New McLaren, F40, Enzo, Zonda etc 10 MB/80 MB, 11 mins. Lo-Res OR Hi-Res
  3. Pacific Raceway CGT On board the supercar around this WA state track 10 MB/63 MB, 4 mins. Lo-Res OR Hi-Res
  4. Zandvoort Track CGT Artistic rendering, good out-of-car footage, ?Van Kouwen author 22 MB, 3.5 mins. View/Download
  5. CGT at Weissach Porsche CGT promo w/gear shift & track layout animation 11 MB, 1.5 mins. View/Download
  6. Porsche "The "Early Years" Promotional vid for the CGT launch 2 MB, 4 mins. View/Download
  7. CGT 'Drifting' on Mountain Road German Review, wild driving up a paved mountain road. 26 MB, 5 mins. View/Download