• The 901 was Porsche's original name for the 911 and was named as such because it was the 901st Porsche design project
  • The 901 model debuted at the Frankfurt auto show in 1963
  • Its name was changed to 911 because Peugeot had laid claim to all model designations with a "0" as the middle digit
  • Thus, the 901 was never actually sold but all of the early auto literature tests and the relatively rare brochure shown below refer to the model as 901
  • Some of the earlier 911 brochures refer to the 'new' model as "911/2000" referring to its engine displacement of 2L.
  • The 901/911 marked the beginning of Porsche's committment to a 6-cylinder air-cooled rear engine framework.
  • <<--Click the cover to open/download the PDF brochure
  • This 8-page brochure dated October 1963 is my favorite brochure that I have collected as it has the words "Model Number Changed to 911" stamped on its cover. I am guessing that this stamp was placed by a US car dealer.
  • <<--Click the cover to open/download the PDF brochure
  • In 1993, Porsche produced the 993 variant of the 911. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the original 901/911, Porsche reprinted its 1963 brochure and sent it to dealers as part of a promo for the new 993 line. The brochure contains the 1963 date as well as a reprint date of 1993.
  • This particular 1993 reprinted version is in German